Who is CFM?

Coalition Fight Music (CFM) is the world’s most successful independent band. After years of heartbreak chasing potential Record deals, the two acts and lifelong friends; “The Relles” (short for The Relative’s) Dolla Bill & Unlabeld and Producer Statecyde (Tony Savo) decided to partner together and “sign themselves.”

Dubbed by many in the fight media as “The Kings of Fight Music” the music group formally established the genre of “Fight Music” (made specifically for Action/Combat Sports) and revolutionized the sports industry by allocating a portion of record sales and digital download revenues to athletes as a form of sponsorship.

Much like a Professional Mixed Martial Artist combines different forms of combat to win a fight; CFM combines Rock/Rap/Dance/Pop and EDM to produce cutting edge/next level entertainment.

Coalition Fight Music has been featured on BBC Ch4, SKY TV, TIME/WARNER, ESPN, USA Today, Tapout Radio, Tapout Magazine/MMA WorldWide, Wartime TV, Mauro Ranallo’s “The Fight Show” on Sirius Satellite Radio and Sports Illustrated. The band also contributed two songs to E3’s 2011 “Fight Game of the Year” Supremacy MMA (Xbox360 & PS3)