CFM 2013 Bird Call Talent Contest

CFM’s 2013 International “Bird Call” Talent Search

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CFM is the world’s most successfull indie music group and has been featured by USA Today, Tapout, SKY TV, ESPN and more for sponsoring celebrity athletes in the UFC, XFC and Europe’s top promotion: UCMMA in the UK.

Now the “Kings of Fight Music” are looking for the “next big thing” to join them on tour! If your talented and have always dreamed of being on stage and making your dream a reality CFM would like to hear from you!

From now until Dec 12th if your a rapper, singer, producer, gitarist, remixer, dj, breakdancer, skateboarder or graphic artist send links or files of your best work to to be considered for the chance of a lifetime!

Winners will be selected and notified by phone. All entries must be received no later than May 5th, 2013. Be sure to include your name, age, Country/State and contact info including your email and phone number. All submitions will be reviewed, many will enter but few will win. Do you got what it takes?



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