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CFM 2013 Bird Call Talent Contest
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CFM is the world’s most successfull indie music group and has been featured by USA Today, Tapout, SKY TV, ESPN and more for sponsoring celebrity athletes in the UFC, XFC and Europe’s top promotion: UCMMA in the UK.

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Nick Diaz
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(MMAWeekly) The evolution of sponsors in the MMA game can usually only go so far. Patches on fight shorts, t-shirts, an occasional can of an energy drink, and supplements are the standards in the MMA world of sponsorships. Well one music group is expanding their reach by sponsoring fighters and providing them with walkout music, while giving them a cut of proceeds for any sales the song might generate.

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CFM’s “Reach Out” (Rock Remix) featuring BTG

Tapout Radio
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Coalition Fight Music CEO/Executive Producer Tony Savo on Tapout Radio talking CFM 2 and the New Telecoms Deal with Samsung Mobile and Europe’s Leading Promotion UCMMA.

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The Kings of Fight Music are back again with CFM 2: “Freak Show”. The explosive follow up to CFM’s debut album; “The Album: MMA’s 1st Mixtape” and its now available for free!!! Download your copy by clicking the following link: 

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(Sacramento) Coalition Fight Music announced today the group has finalized a sponsorship package for former UFC Lightweight Champion Jens “Little Evil” Pulver. Pulver joins a growing list of high-profile celebrity fighters the band has backed including Nick and Nate Diaz as well as former Strike Force Welterweight Champion Jake Shields.

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(Sacramento, Sept 23rd) Coalition Fight Music is proud to announce the indie music group has finalized a formal partnership with former Cage Rage Promotion “Ultimate Challenge MMA” more commonly known as UCMMA.

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New Urban House Mashup from The Kings of Fight Music. Download your Free Copy Today:

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Official trailer for the forthcoming “Mask” feature film Directed by Bobby Razak. “Mask” is a behind the scenes look at the life and accomplishments of the late Charles “Mask” Lewis. Founding member of the popular Tapout brand.